The Elixir to Success: Consistency & Laziness

I am often asked about my success and what my special recipe is or the secret elixir to create success. I wish I could attribute it to something innovative or profound. But that is not the case. Truly, my success comes down to two key things: consistency and laziness. If you are ready to take control of your finances but don’t want to waste hours a month, The Budgetdog Roadmap is your key to success. My students learn to stay the course and trust the process and I even give them permission to be lazy – in a good way! 

Credit Cards -the Good, the Bad, and the Truth

Credit cards can be okay when used correctly and managed properly.  However, most people do not do that, so they are not fine or good!  Credit cards are one of the easiest ways to get into a financial situation that spirals out of control really fast. So let’s take a look at the types of credit cards and the practicality of actually having one. 

Have Fun Without Wrecking Your Budget!

Spring has Sprung!  Yes, it is finally spring, and most of us are ready to get outside and enjoy going places and doing things.  It is also a time for many celebrations such as weddings.  BUT – and it is always the proverbial BUT – we also just went through tax season.  So, you eitherContinue reading “Have Fun Without Wrecking Your Budget!”

4 Tips to Avoid The Consumerism Trap

We are consumed with and by STUFF.  Most of the stuff we have, we don’t need.  But advertisers tell us we do, and we buy into their ads and gimmicks.  All too quickly we are spending money, often money we don’t REALLY have, on the latest and greatest of whatever new item they are selling. Continue reading “4 Tips to Avoid The Consumerism Trap”

I Lost $42,000 Dollars By Making This Financial Decision and I Would Do It Again Tomorrow!

There is not one definitive reason why I decided to pay off our mortgage early.   I am a double major in accounting and finance and a CPA with several years of experience working for one of the largest four accounting firms in the world, so I knew the math was NOT in my favor.Continue reading “I Lost $42,000 Dollars By Making This Financial Decision and I Would Do It Again Tomorrow!”