Betting on the Stock Market to Fail is Betting on Yourself to Fail

Many are predicting a rough financial road ahead. And because of that, some will advise against investing in the stock market. This is a time to take pause and to really educate yourself before buying into all of the hype. Before stuffing your money under a mattress or halting investing, let’s look at things critically and get a good understanding of the stock market, so you can make informed decisions rather than those that are reactionary and emotional.

Recession Talks – Are Bonds STILL a Good Investment in Today’s Economy

In today’s market, therefore, it seems like bonds would be something each investor would already have or would want to include in his or her portfolio, especially in light of today’s volatile stock market. However, the rising interest rates are driving bond prices down. What all of this amounts to is that we are in for some serious volatility in the market. But that should not cause us to pull out of the market. Being diversified is still the best thing for your portfolio.

Do I Need a Financial Advisor?

Investing is one of those areas where you can acquire the necessary tools and information, so you can be the “expert” in YOUR investing and save money that is unnecessary to spend.  So when people ask me whether or not they need a financial advisor, I would say you DO NOT, but you DO need to understand some things and educate yourself on some of the basics before deciding to take on this task alone.